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American Horror Story: Freak Show

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The Vampire Diaries Season Six Pics: the main cast

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Happy Birthday, Sour Wolf Tyler!

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American Horror Story Freak Show: Official Posters

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Nick loves his fans — gay or straight. 

Nick loves his fans — gay or straight.

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30 years later and piper and Alex are still in prison…

I’M DEAD!!! 😆😆😆😆


30 years later and piper and Alex are still in prison…

I’M DEAD!!! 😆😆😆😆

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Teen Wolf Season Four finale was everything! 

You go, Liam, aka the brave little toaster!

Teen Wolf Season Four finale was everything!

You go, Liam, aka the brave little toaster!

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Celebrities’ reaction to the Ray Rice Elevator Video

Seth Rogen —  I don’t know much about football, but I know that Ray Rice is a piece of garbage who shouldn’t be allowed to play it professionally anymore. @nflcommish, your punishment for beating a woman is less than for smoking weed. Get your head out of your fucking ass.

Deion Sanders — Instead of @RayRice27 and his Wife being the topic of your conversation today for the video, let’s PRAY for them and their marriage.

Michelle Beadle — She must have used some pretty inflammatory words to deserve those punches. Two freaking games. Criminal act. Go sit in the corner. Did @nfl and @nflcommish really think this video wouldn’t eventually surface? That we wouldn’t see that disgrace? Never too late, Goodell.

Jay Glazer —  I am never speechless. That Ray Rice video… beyond words. Ban him now! … 
If you play a violent sport & are violent toward a woman, your right to play that sport should be taken away. Plus his callous disregard for her well being after she was KO’d is equally as disturbing. Absolutely disgraceful.

Keith Olbermann —  Roger Goodell’s position as Commissioner of the NFL is no longer tenable. Whether he saw the #RayRice video or he did not, he failed.

Doug Gottlieb —  Remember when #Ravens fans gave #RayRice a standing O…. Twice? Good times.

Coy Wire — NFL Players Association should demand that Ray Rice be banned from the NFL. I’d be damned if I had to be associated w/ him.

Jason Jones — @NFL, If you truly didn’t know about this video, you not only need to fire Ray Rice, you need to hire the investigative team @TMZ

Linda Cohn —  Looks like this #RayRice video was more important to discover for TMZSports than it was to the @NFL. Very sad.

Chris Kluwe —  Looks like the Ravens’ strategy of “MOVE ALONG, FOLKS, RAY RICE’S WIFE IS SORRY SHE GOT BEATEN” might not have been the best choice.

Sage Steele —  One of the most disgusting aspects of new #RayRice video? Failure of prosecutors in Atlantic County, NJ. Saw video & didn’t prosecute? Sick.

Jamie Lee Curtis — Roger Goodell, shame on you, and the NFL. Two games? Really? Two games? Assault is assault. Take an action. Find your mind.

Lisa Guerrero — Outrageous.  The @NFL interviewed Janay Palmer with Ray Rice in the room? Really? 
By the way, the beginning of the new video appears to show #RayRice SPITTING on his fiancé before hitting her twice and knocking her out.

Ben Leber —  Not to take attention away from Ray Rice, but Goodell and his suits saw the elevator video in July. They need to be held accountable as well

Randy Cross
So now we’re supposed to believe that Rice & his counsel had access to the tape but the NFL & their NSA/Security didn’t?

Skip Bayless — Our legal system and our NFL commisisoner look so bad and shameful now that we’ve seen what actually happened inside that elevator.
My opinion: Ray Rice should be gone for the rest of the season.

Scott Fujita — I’m glad no one this morning seems to care about yesterday’s games. This piece of shit needs to be out of the league. Period.

Brady Quinn — Am I the only one who believes it should be a lifetime ban for the first time a player commits domestic violence? They should be done period.

Chris Harris — The NFL should have zero tolerance for domestic violence. There is never a reason for any man to be violent towards any woman.

Duke Ihenacho — Just so many things wrong with this situation. Spit, punch, trying to wake her up like she passed out on her own..nah, ain’t cool.

Terrance Knighton — That man should be thrown out the the nfl and thrown into jail. Shame on those deciding his punishment. Smh

Sydney Leroux — Yes, Ray Rice needs to be banned from the NFL but can we please get his wife some help for marrying him after the fact?

Marlon Wayans — Watchin this @RayRice27 stuff and I say hitting a woman is not something a man should do. But I think that PEOPLE need 2 communicate better.

Tom Arnold — I miss what Joan Rivers would’ve said about Ray Rice today.

Alex Holmes — Scary revelation. Without @TMZ, Donald Sterling still owns the Clippers and Ray Rice would still have a job. #letthatsinkin

Sen. Richard Blumenthal —  It shouldn’t take a video to do the right thing. I commend @Ravens but urge @nflcommish to act on harsher penalties for domestic abuse. -RB

Jenn Sterger — At least the Ravens organization has stepped up where @nflcommish fumbled. Thank you, Baltimore.

Taylor Twellman —  Sorry but I’m not applauding @Ravens for today’s cutting of Ray Rice because fact is he’d be playing if not for @TMZ releasing the video.

B. Scott — The video of Ray Rice punching his fiancée, knocking her out and then casually dragging her out the elevator is truly disturbing.

David Boreanaz — How does the @nfl not KNOW about the video in the elevator of Ray Rice? #DontBuyIt

Christopher KID Reid — How did people think Ray Rice’s wife ended up knocked out???….a major fart from Ray?….too many Fireball shots by her?…. #YallKnew

Jeff Dunham — No joke here: As a father of three girls, I say Ray Rice should be banned from every sport and should be serving hard time in prison.

David Clowney — Ray Rice is a really good dude!! I don’t believe he is a woman beater, I think he just made one awful mistake..

Holly Robinson Peete —  Right move. He could have killed her. Thank goodness for video. Shame, NFL, law enforcement and Ravens had to be outted by TMZ… smh

Swin Cash — It’s very difficult to read some of these post blaming the victim in the Ray Rice situation. Disgusting!!! U have no idea how DV changes you.

Ja Rule — Damn, Ray Rice. NOT COOL; he should get the LIFE ban.

Mike Greenberg — NFL teams do exhaustive research on the personal lives of players they draft in the fifth round. “We never saw it” is hard to fathom.

Terry Crews — The Ray Rice incident occurred many times in my childhood, & I believe nothing’ll change unless MEN change the culture that allows this abuse

Charlamagne Tha God — And stop saying TMZ ruined Ray Rice’s life. TMZ just doing their job. If he didn’t hit her wouldn’t be a video tape for TMZ to post.

Dick Vitale — Rice CUT - The only right thing to do - #NOOTHERCHOICE

Evelyn Lozada — That video has me PISSED THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joyful Drake — At 18 yrs old, I lost a friend to Domestic Violence. Cheri Farrington. That Ray Rice video is beyond disturbing! #NOEXCUSE

Tyler Sash — Prayers for Ray RIce and his family. He made probably the biggest mistake of his life. I just hope he has the right people around him now.

Matt Cohen — Every women is someone’s grandma, mother, daughter, or sister. Don’t pull a hand on any woman unless it is for comforting. #RayRice #Coward

Lucas Neff — Football is a billion dollar industry that doesn’t pay taxes, excuses domestic abuse and protects child-rapists. #RayRice #PennState

Alan Ritchson — I would like Ray Rice to try and punch me in the face.

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